Sax Product Reports, Index

Sax Product Reports, index: Alto, Soprano, Tenor, Baritone.


Alto Saxophones, above $500:

Selmer SAS280 La Voix II, rated “perfect” by 4 users (at the time of writing).

YAS-23 Student Alto Saxophone Alto Sax, rated as an excellent student alto sax.

Yanagisawa A-901 Artist Alto Saxophone, a very well-rated sax.

Selmer Prelude Alto Saxophone, see our product report for better options.

Yamaha Advantage YAS-200AD Student Alto Saxophone, see our product report for better-rated options.


Alto Saxophones, below $500:

LJ Hutchen Eb Alto Saxophone with Plush-Lined Case, an exceptionally highly rated beginners alto sax.

Legacy AS750 Student / Intermediate Alto Saxophone with Case and Accessories, a very well-rated student alto.

Allora Student Series Alto Saxophone Model AAAS-301, a well-rated student alto saxophone.

Professional Alto Eb Sax Saxophone Gold with Other Accessories New, a fairly well-rated sax.

Merano E Flat Gold Alto Saxophone with Case+Mouth Piece+Black Music Stand+Metro Tuner+11 Reeds, a fairly well-rated choice.

Conductor Model 300 Alto Saxophone, a beginners sax, see our user report for reliably rated alternatives.

Mendini by Cecilio MAS-LN+92D+PB Gold Lacquer and Nickel Plated Keys E Flat Alto Saxophone with Tuner, Case, Mouthpiece. There are other color variations (all of which have the same customer reviews and ratings so see the main product-report above): Gold LacquerNickel Plated, Blue Laquer, Black Nickel Plated, Purple Laquer, Green Laquer, Black Nickel Plated and Gold Keys.

360-BK – Black/Gold Keys Eb E Flat Alto Saxophone Sax Lazarro+11 Reeds, Music Pocketbook, Case, Care Kit – 24 Colors…, the same sax (with the same user reviews and ratings) comes in other colors: 360-WH White/Gold Keys, 360-SB Sea Blue/Gold Keys, 360-OR Orange/Gold360-RD – Red/Gold Keys360-BU – Blue/Gold Keys360-2C – Silver Body/Gold Keys360-GR – Green/Gold Keys360-PK – Pink/Gold Keys360-LQ – Gold/Lacquer360-BN – Black Nickel/Gold Keys360-LN – GOLD Body/Silver Keys360-NK – Silver/Nickel360-PR – Purple/Gold Keys.

Hallelu HAS 200 Alto Saxophone, Warranty,

Barcelona Alto Saxophone with Case, Reeds, Cleaning Rod, Polishing Cloth, Gloves, and Cork Wax – Nickel Plated, see our product review for ratings, alternatives etc.

Etude EAS-100 Student Alto Saxophone Lacquer, see our product report for better-rated alternatives.

Cecilio 2Series AS-280LN Lacquer & Nickel Plated Keys Eb Alto Saxophone with Mouthpiece, Case, 10 Reeds and Accessories…, (see our product report for better-rated alternatives), also available in other colors (with the same user reviews/ratings): AS-280RL Red LacquerAS-280 Lacquer (gold), AS-280BNN Nickel Plated and Nickel Plated Keys (black nickel), AS-280PL Purple LacquerAS-280N Plated (nickel), AS-280BL Lacquer (blue)AS-280GL Lacquer (green)AS-280BNG Nickel Plated and Gold Keys.

Alto Saxophone, (unbranded), see our product report for much better-rated alternatives.

These sax’s might not be available on Amazon :

Black Nickel/Gold Alto Saxophone Lazarro + 11 Reeds, Case and Care Kitthis sax is now known as the 360-BK – Black/Gold Keys Eb E Flat Alto Saxophone Sax Lazarro+11 Reeds,Music Pocketbook,Case,Care Kit – 24 Colors, (so please see our product report on that), and likewise for the other colors : Silver/NickelGold/LacquerLacquer Body/Nickel Keys, and White/Gold.

Orpheo Semi-Professional Eb Alto Saxophone, a student sax, see our product report for exceptionally well-rated alternatives.

Cecilio Nickel Plated Alto Saxophone Kit, see our product report for more reliably rated (and cheaper) alternatives.


Soprano Saxophones:

320-OR – ORANGE/GOLD Keys Curved Bb Soprano Saxophone Lazarro++11 Reeds,Music Pocketbook,Case,Care Kit – 24 COLORS… the best-rated student soprano on Amazon (at the time of writing).

Legacy SS1000_w_LegMpc_Kit Intermediate Soprano Saxophone with Case, Accessories and Mouthpiece, the best-rated intermediate soprano.

Mendini by Cecilio MSS-BNG+92D Black Nickel Plated and Gold Keys Straight B Flat Soprano Saxophone with Tuner,…, see our product report for better-rated choices. Other colors: MSS-BNN+92D Black Nickel Plated and Nickel Plated Keys, MSS-N+92D Nickel PlatedMSS-CSBNG+92D Black Nickel Plated and Gold Keys,  MSS-LN+92D Gold Lacquer and Nickel Plated Keys, and the MSS-L+92D Gold Lacquer.

300-LQ-Gold/Lacquer Bb STRAIGHT SOPRANO  Saxophone Sax Lazarro+11 Reeds,Care Kit~22 COLORS~SILVER or GOLD KEYS~…, (see our product-report for better-rated alternatives).

These sax’s might not be available on Amazon :

Conductor Model 400 Soprano Saxophone w/ Accessories and 1 Year Warranty.

Straight Soprano Saxophone Lazarro, now renamed the “300LQ”, so see our product report on that.


Tenor Saxophones:

Legacy TS750 Student/Intermediate Tenor Saxophone with Case, Accessories, the best-rated tenor in its price-range (at the time of writing).

Mendini by Cecilio MTS-RL+92D Red Lacquer B Flat Tenor Saxophone with Tuner, Case, see above for a better-rated tenor (considering the ratings of all colors of this one). Other colors: MTS-L+92D Gold LacquerMTS-GL+92D Green Lacquer, MTS-PL+92D Purple Lacquer, MTS-LN+92D Gold Lacquer with Nickel Plated Keys, MTS-N+92D Nickel Plated, MTS-BL+92D Blue Lacquer, MTS-BNG+92D Black Nickel Plated and Gold Keys, MTS-BNN+92D Black Nickel Plated and Nickel Plated Keys, and MTS-30L+92D Rose Gold Brass.

Crystalcello CWD420 B Flat Lacquer Plated Tenor Saxophone and Accessories (see our product report for better-rated alternatives).

Student Tenor Saxophone Black with Case TERN-BK, (unrated at the time of writing), see our product reports above for alternatives.


Baritone Saxophone:.

Mendini by Cecilio MBS-30L+92D Lacquer Yellow Brass Intermediate E Flat Baritone Saxophone.


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